A $2+ Million Price Tag Times Two

Pay Inequity/Pay Discrimination can cost an organization a significant sum of money as evidenced in the two following 2018 press release articles, one from the EEOC and the other from the OFCCP.

Johanson Group, an HR/Compensation consulting company has assisted at least a thousand plus clients since 1973 with the review of their employees’ compensation practices including steps to correct pay discrimination issues.  Its sister company, DB Squared, was established in 2005 using the Johanson’s copyrighted 15-factor job rating system methodology and automating its Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program (JESAP) so that organizations could internalize their compensation program and be able to identify their own pay equity issues.  Both companies are here to support and assist companies by using a proactive approach to avoid being the spotlight in a negative and costly manner.



University of Denver to Pay $2.66 Million and Increase Salaries to Settle EEOC Equal Pay Lawsuit

Female Full Professors at the University’s Sturm College of Law Were Paid Average of Nearly $20,000 Less Than Their Male Counterparts, Federal Agency Charged

DENVER – The University of Denver will pay $2.66 million and furnish other relief to settle a pay discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today.

The EEOC’s lawsuit charged that the university violated federal law by paying a class of female full professors at the Sturm College of Law lower salaries than it paid to their male counterparts who were performing substantially equal work under similar working conditions. (continue reading……)



U.S. Department of Labor Recovers More Than $2.9 Million To Resolve Alleged Pay Discrimination Violations at Dell EMC

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The U.S. Department of Labor has reached a settlement with Dell EMC that requires the company to pay more than $2.9 million in back wages to remedy alleged pay discrimination violations at four Dell EMC locations in California and North Carolina. Headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Dell EMC is a federal contractor providing computing, networking, and data storage solutions. (continue reading….)


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