Compensation and Performance Management Processes are Shifting

On Thursday, March 30th, sponsored a webinar on an interesting compensation and performance management topic.  George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder of #HRWINS presented information from a recent “Compensation Practices Driving Cultural Shifts in Performance Management” report.  Mr. LaRocque made the following statement from his report, “As Performance Management Continues to Change, Compensation Policy, Strategy and Data are Becoming More Important to Employers Than Ever Before.”  George stated that many employers are moving from annual performance reviews to more frequent informal feedback sessions that are tied to business goals and attainment.  Mr. LaRocque mentions in his report that a top objective for new HR technology in 2017 is the ability to support supervisors and managers with performance feedback processes and corresponding conversations about compensation. At the end of the webinar, Mr. LaRocque provided the following key takeaways from the #HRWINS report.  For more information about George LaRocque and the #HRWINS report, please visit


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