Human Resources Focus for 2019 and Beyond

  • Enhancing Employees’ Experience

With direction and support of the human resources team, the company culture will focus on tangible and intangible employee experience offerings that enhance the attraction and retention of top performing employees.  Meaningful company purpose, work focus, societal partnership, team and individual recognition, work-life balance, digital friendly technology and competitive and fair total rewards packages will encourage retention of millennials, the largest demographic in the current U.S. workforce.

  • Continuous Employee Development

With low unemployment and a shortage of skilled and competent applicants, human resources will need to focus more on recruiting from within their organizations for needed talent.  A greater emphasis on creating a culture of continuous employee development and retention will help to mitigate the lack of externally qualified candidates. On-going semi-annual employee development assessments and performance feedback sessions will replace stale employee annual performance appraisals.

  • Internal Talent Agents and Career Ladder Experts

Human resources professionals will become internal talent agents working with company talent mentors and brokers to fill every-changing talent voids and projected needs.  Human resources will work closely with company leaders to forecast and deliver internal human capital resources to meet organizational needs based on growth and change.  Human resources will prepare and provide career ladder scenarios and pathways for employees and offer various internal talent pool plans to meet company forecasted needs.

  • Customizable Compensation and Benefits Packages

Compensation, benefits and perks (total rewards) will become more customizable to meet individual needs of a more diverse workforce.  Total rewards packages to attract, motivate, engage and retain employees will have great flexibility and variability. Total rewards software platforms and applications will help human resources and employees manage their respective compensation and benefit plans.

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