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Adjusting Pay Ranges to Accommodate Rising Minimum Wage

With a variety of pressures driving minimum wage up, we have been working with several of our clients to adjust their current pay ranges to retain and attract quality personnel. Several of our Arkansas clients have committed to around $13.50 per hour for entry level positions in 2022 and move on up to $15 per […]

Pandemic Heightens Exodus of Baby Boomers from Workforce

Several articles have been written about the increasing number of retiring Baby Boomers during the past few years. The middle range of Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964) born between 1955 to 1956 have reached or will reach full social security retirement age of 65 to 66 and 3 months. The Pew Research Center completed and […]

The Rising Tide of Minimum Wage

Bruce and I just completed an article titled, “The Rising Tide for Minimum Wage” for the HR Professionals Magazine September, 2021 issue that will be published in early September. This article provides information on several factors that are influencing a continuous rise in minimum wages for the lowest paid employees across the United States. The […]


We are beginning to receive calls from current clients that have not utilized hiring incentives to attract new employees. For several years, our health care clients have offered sign-on bonuses for nurses and other technical positions where competition for talent has been and still is fierce. We are seeing new business sectors enter the realm […]

Resurgence of Job Valuing with Renewed Emphasis on Pay Equity and Comparable Worth by Biden Administration

Jenny Yang was appointed as the new Director for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs on January 20, 2021 by President Biden’s administration. Since this appointment does not require Senate confirmation, it went into effect immediately. This move will require federal contractors to increase pay equity awareness and enforcement based on Director Yang’s Equal […]

Projected Employee Salary Increases for 2021

Based on annual pay increase studies released by WorldatWork, Willis Towers Watson and Salary.com earlier this year, the average salary increase budgets will range between 2.8% and 3.0%. Stephen Miller, CEBS published and released a SHRM article on September 3, 2020 titled, “Salary Increase Budgets Decline for First Time in 12 Years.” The Willis Towers […]

When Job Matching Becomes a Burden

Recently, we had a discussion with a potential client via a GoToMeeting online session. We were visiting with three members of the human resources team about internal job valuing and job matching with a national external salary aggregator’s software system and market pay comparisons database.  One of the human resources team members mentioned how internal […]

Benefits of a Current Classification and Compensation Plan

We recently completed a classification and compensation study for a public organization where the last formal study was done over 20 years ago.  With this much time between formal classification and compensation studies, the normal outlook would be that the organization’s classifications and compensation plans would be dated and needing a complete overhaul.  We were […]

COVID-19 Virus Pandemic Message

We hope that you and your associates are staying safe and well during the COVID-19 Virus pandemic social distancing period and now with the various staged re-opening plans for organizations and businesses across the U.S. Both of our human resources software programs (DBDescriptions and DBCompensation) are internet hosted.  We offer access to the DB Squared […]