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Dealing with Wage Compression Issues

Stephen Miller, CEBS, who is an Online Manager/Editor covering compensation and benefits for SHRM Online, wrote an excellent article a couple of weeks ago titled, “As Minimum Wages Rise, Prepare for Pay Compression Issues.” The first two paragraph of his article are presented below. Pressure to increase wages for the lowest-paid employees, driven by the […]

Salary Range Structure Advantages

From time to time some of our clients will feedback to us that they don’t like salary range structure as it keeps them from being able to offer new hires and/or pay existing employees whatever they want to provide them. Thus, there is a tendency to throw out the salary range structure for the reason […]

Inflation’s Impact on Compensation

Stephen Miller, CEBS has written a three-part series article for SHRM titled “Inflation’s Return Will Affect Compensation.” The first part was published earlier this week on Compensation and the other two parts will focus on health care and retirement savings. Through his research and discussion with other thought leaders, he mentions several factors that are […]

Severance Compensation/Benefits

We recently came across a great article written for Stephens Insurance, LLC clients by United Benefits Advisors, LLC. In the article, it mentioned that the global economy has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many businesses are struggling with declines in business. With the decline, the article goes on to say that businesses have […]

What is your organization’s minimum wage figure?

With the new Biden Administration, there is a renewed effort to increase the Federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15.00 per hour for all non-exempt hourly employees. Depending on what state your organization operates in, the state minimum may be lower or higher than the Federal minimum. In Georgia and Wyoming, employers can […]

Closing Out 2020 and On To 2021

If you are reading this, 2020 is over and we are into the first week of 2021. As we reflect on 2020, we believe that most everybody is glad the year is over and ready to see how 2021 shapes up. Though 2020 has been a crazy year, we have appreciated the opportunity to assist […]

Exercising the Salary Ranges

Blair and I have noticed that some of our clients are not adjusting their salary ranges and this is creating some internal problems which could be avoided.  When organizations don’t adjust their salary ranges or salary steps, then department managers start getting creative with modifying job descriptions and job values with the desire to obtain […]

2021 Projected Health Plan Costs

A few weeks ago Stephen Miller, CEBS, wrote an excellent SHRM article on projected health plan costs for 2021.  Mr. Miller referenced a new survey conducted a few months ago by the nonprofit Business Group on Health (BGH). The survey garnered 122 large employers offering coverage to more than 9.2 million employees and dependents.  Over […]

Positive Pressures for Higher Entry Level Pay

Over the past few years, we have seen several of our clients considering and/or implementing a living wage policy and structure.  The “living wage” concept dates back to when the American Federation of Labor (AFL) was established in 1886. The organization pushed for paying all workers (union and non-union) at a level which would maintain […]

Taking Advantage of the Reset

We hope everyone that we have served over the past 35 years is safe and well and doing everything they can to protect themselves and others around them from the Covid-19 virus.  We have been able to take care of our clients’ needs during this time but are looking forward to the day we can […]