Being Proactive Can Save Cash

No one wants to anticipate a sex discrimination lawsuit being brought against their company, but as AstraZeneca recently learned the price of non-compliance can be quite high.  In a recent OFCCP news release, we are reminded how high, and that even the largest companies can run afoul of pay discrimination actions.  The pharmaceutical giant recently agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the US Labor Dept.  More importantly it protected their right to continue their $2B annual government contract.

If you were a government contractor wouldn’t an inexpensive cloud-based compensation management tool that ensures you have internal equity within your organization be a reasonable precaution to protect your firm’s well being?

DBCompensation encourages a balanced process-oriented approach to compensation management that:

  • Describes optimized and ADA compliant job descriptions using a collaborative electronic PAQ
  • Rates and evaluates jobs according to a unique automated methodology
  • Assesses multiple sources using a proven comparative analysis
  • Manages total compensation strategy for maximized value, optimized compliance and enhanced efficiency.

One of the tools in DBCompensation that help analyze internal equity aspects is the Interactive Scatter-gram; a chart that plots all of your employees based on their current pay & the point value assigned to each position through the job rating process.  As you can see in the picture below the graph can be color coded by age, gender or ethnicity. The red dots in this example are females.  Note the lack of red dots above the midpoint in this example.  This type of visual tool can help your firm analyze their current situation quickly and efficiently, but even more critically effectively provide objective evidence of compliance during audits.