Creating a Competitive Advantage through Pay Equity

Creating a Competitive Advantage through Pay Equity

Every organization should be in business for a particular purpose.  DB Squared’s main purpose is to provide HR technology tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness and positive outcomes in the compensation arena.  Johanson Group, sister company to DBSquared, provides compensation and strategic planning consulting to its clients around the U.S.  Recently, we have taken several of our clients through a competitive advantage exercise to determine what their core strengths are and how to use them to maintain and grow their competitive advantage for five to ten years in the future.

When an organization can show that their pay practices and policies are equitable and consistent with no difference to gender, ethnic background or age, a competitive advantage will exist as there is still a pay differential for women and minorities in the workplace around the U.S.  If you are not sure about your pay equity status, we can assess and implement a compensation program that provides your organization with one more competitive advantage and will increase the level of employee satisfaction and transparency.


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We at DB Squared are thankful for our clients that have continued to use and provide suggestions for our current software programs DBCompensation and DBDescriptions. DBCompensation has been around since 2005 and the last update in January 2017 was the 10th and DBDescriptions has been updated several times based on client input. We maintain above a 90% retention rate and our clients tell us that they are very appreciative of the quick technical service and software education/how-to support.

For 2018, we would like to move DBCompensation from a Microsoft Access-based platform to SQL or some other program that would allow the software to accommodate larger employee populations and other data with increased speed. We continue to have requests to pull out the copyrighted Johanson Group job valuing/job rating portion of the program as an independent function and to develop a performance appraisal program tied to the job descriptions and essential duties for each job title within our client organizations.

As for DBDescriptions, we are considering adding another 400 to 900 pre-loaded job descriptions to the web-based program. This would increase the ‘ready-made’ job descriptions in DBDescriptions to 1500 or 2000. These ready-made descriptions can be modified or our clients can still start from scratch to build their job descriptions. We are also thinking about offering a Spanish conversion feature for an additional fee.

We wish all of our current clients a Happy and Festive Holiday Season and may 2018 be one of your best years.

Strategic Total Compensation Packages

Strategic Total Compensation Packages

Our compensation management consulting includes working with private and public organizations. The public organizations include cities, counties, utilities, school districts, and libraries. Often, we hear the public organizations’ authority councils, quorum courts, and boards request the total compensation strategy of lagging the market pay average due to significant employer contributions made to the employees’ defined benefit retirement plans and in some instances higher cost-sharing percentages for employee health insurance premiums.

Private and public organizations need to evaluate their respective total compensation plans (wages and benefits) to become more strategic due to the increasing demand for employees with skills and competencies to help the organizations achieve current and future goals and services.

Most public organizations with defined benefits retirement plans are contributing double-digit percentages of employees’ base wages to these unfunded liability plans.  This benefit has greater value and meaning for existing employees with five or more years of service with the public employer.  For new employees entering the workforce, the defined retirement benefit may not attract skilled workers, competent professionals, and potential managers and leaders who have various options to join private employer businesses. The private businesses have the resources to offer higher initial wage/salary offerings, variable and bonus pay plans, defined contribution retirement plans with a profit sharing component and opportunities for greater income growth through internal position promotions and efforts to pay employees at the market pay mean within three to five years.

Total compensation packages are becoming more strategic and variable as demand for talented and skilled workers exceeds the supply.  We encourage both private and public employers to stay competitive with their employee base wage/salary structures and benefit offerings.


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