COVID-19 Virus Pandemic Message

We hope that you and your associates are staying safe and well during the COVID-19 Virus pandemic social distancing period and now with the various staged re-opening plans for organizations and businesses across the U.S.

Both of our human resources software programs (DBDescriptions and DBCompensation) are internet hosted.  We offer access to the DB Squared programs from remote and/or office locations.   As employers are deciding which employees need to return to the office or work from home (WFH), our software programs are accessible and easy to use.

We hope that the remaining months in 2020 will be less stressful as we all work together for a new normal after experiencing the devastating and lasting impact of the World-wide COVD-19 Virus Pandemic.


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Are You Ready?

It’s here.  Make no mistake about it.  I can give you a couple of examples to prove it to you.  First, I know of a young professional that recently was able to move from the corporate headquarters back to where he and his wife grew up so that they could raise their one son and one on the way surrounded by their immediate families.  The young professional’s boss and company leadership team were open to allow him to continue to work for the company remotely with the understanding that they would commit for at least one year with full salary and benefits.  In return, the young professional would continue to complete projects with the same level of success and dedication that he has done for the last ten years. Second, a creative young professional has been hitting home runs at her work, but her boss has been killing her creativity by micro-managing and wanting to cut off this spirit of creativity.  The boss also has been managing by wanting to see, please excuse the expression, “butts in seats.”  This is the only way that the boss has known how to manage and act for the past 30 years.  When the organization’s leadership sought to work through this issue, the micro-management boss is coming to grips that her style of management after all these years is ineffective and she must be willing to change or leave the company. Have you figured out what is going on?  The younger generations have moved into the workforce and their expectations and desires are different than previous generations.  If an organization can manage based on results, then as leaders, we should be able to allow flexibility as to where our young professionals do their work and how they do their work.  A dedicated young professional will give the organization more than the traditional 40 – 50 hours, but it will be at times that meet their professional and personal needs.  I know many young men and women that work after their children go to sleep or other available pockets of time throughout the week and weekend to accomplish their work.  The progressive organization is not concerned with employees in seats throughout the day, but by managing through end results that are driving the organization forward.  Also, creativity is nurtured, not stifled. The work environment is changing quickly to meet the needs of the younger generations.   We are seeing  this regularly with our DBSquared/Johanson Group clients. Are you ready? Learn more by visiting or or request a free consultation by visiting