Create Job Descriptions In Minutes!

Job descriptions seem to be a very hot topic right now in the HR world.  Do you let your job descriptions sit on the back burner because you just are not sure where to start?  DBDescriptions is the total solution!

DBDescriptions will help you develop comprehensive, ADA-compliant job descriptions anywhere you have access to a web browser.


Using our job bank of over 1,100 comprehensive, ready-to-use job description templates and sample job descriptions, you can review, create, update and save all your job descriptions in one convenient location. You can also create as many “new” job descriptions you would like as well.  Our exclusive library of job description samples is the highest quality available and was developed by experienced HR industry professionals and senior consultants especially for HR professionals like you.


You can collaborate with others online to reduce your workload and streamline your job definitions. Email, download, and view your position descriptions in a variety of formats. As an official Microsoft Partner, we are proud to provide you with genuine Microsoft Word documents.