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Who should use DBCompensation™?

DBCompensation is recommended for any organization with 200 to 10,000 employees. Organizations currently using DBCompensation to improve their payroll ROI include financial institutions, city and county governments, utilities, public school systems, higher education institutions, manufacturing firms, medical clinics and hospitals, service organizations, and numerous others.

What are some key advantages to using DBCompensation?

  • Get your pay right and maximize your organization’s largest recurring expenditure—employee payroll costs.
  • Reduce your total payroll at least 10% to 15% simply by reducing salary creep and arbitrary pay decisions.
  • Decrease compensation management time and costs by 500% based on real-world experiences of the Johanson Group consultants.
  • Save 300% of the cost, time and effort required to recruit and train new employee by retaining and developing existing employees.
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming employee lawsuits by utilizing a defensible system to create pay equity and competitiveness.
  • Utilize a proven system offering specific guidelines and suggestions, while allowing you make the final pay decisions.
  • Obtain much more detailed reporting and analysis than is available with any of the large or small payroll or HRIS systems.

Why DBCompensation over other compensation management systems?

DBCompensation uses a time-proven process utilizing our unique fifteen compensable factors and a proven weighted job valuing system. DBCompensation is the most objective and comprehensive job rating program currently available for use by HR and compensation professionals.

How safe and secure is DBCompensation?

DBCompensation is housed in an ultra-secure data center located 85 feet underground in solid limestone in a central United States location that is not susceptible to disruptions from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc.  The data center’s security features include 24x7x365 onsite armed guards, access logs, video surveillance, biometrics, visual inspections, multiple sequential entry checkpoints with guards at each checkpoint, mantraps, and security badges that only work to access pre-approved areas of the data center along with one-on-one escorted pre-authorized visitors.

UPS and diesel generators, fuel storage, power substation, fire suppression systems, 100% environmental monitoring, and multiple ISP fiber trunks, all of which are all located underground.  All data transmissions are encrypted using SSL (for client access) and AES (for maintenance).  The DBCompensation server utilizes a RAID configuration with hot-swap spares and a cold redundant server is kept on standby.

How long has DBCompensation been in use?

The core DBCompensation methodology was initially developed by Dr. Richard C. Johanson beginning in 1985. The process and job valuing have constantly evolved since then and in 2001, the Johanson Group Consultants developed the DBCompensation software system as an internal tool to manage numerous compensation studies and analysis for their consulting clients.

In 2005, the DBSquared company was formed to make the DBCompensation system available to individual organizations as an internally utilized compensation management tool allowing organizations to reduce or eliminate their reliance on expensive, recurring compensation studies provided by outsourced consulting companies. In early 2016, DBSquared released its tenth major revision of the DBCompensation system.

How is market pay data acquired for DBCompensation?

Seasoned professional consultants at DBSquared with decades of experience identify similar organizations and job markets to provide accurate annual updates to our DBCompensation clients as an optional, highly value-added service.

Additionally, clients can also do their own market updates themselves, and they can add up to twelve separate comparable pay sources for each of their pay scenarios.

How do I obtain DBCompensation support?

DBCompensation support is provided by senior level consultants and information technology experts with decades of experience. Our support staff is entirely based in the United States and all are native English speakers. If you need assistance, please send us a message and we will contact you during business hours (Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Central time).

How much does DBCompensation cost?

DBCompensation is priced to provide your organization with a significant and immediate return on investment. DBCompensation utilizes an affordable monthly Software-as-a-Service subscription based on your organization’s size.

DBCompensation costs a fraction of the annual cost of losing a single employee due to pay-related issues, and costs a tiny fraction of an organization’s overall payroll expense, making it like an extremely inexpensive insurance policy for your organization’s largest recurring expenditure—your employee payroll costs.