DBDescriptions was well received at the WorldAtWork Conference in Philadelphia

A Defensible Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program

Having recently returned from the World at Work Conference in Philadelphia, PA, my twin brother and I were able to visit with several Compensation professionals while they explained their compensation programs. Most of them either use market-based only or a classification method and market-based system that buckets jobs into groups based on similar duties and requirements without using a formal job evaluation process. Read more on our blog…

DBDescriptions was well received at the World at Work Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Our web-based job descriptions on demand was in high demand as several came to our exhibit booth to inquire about the software program.  This “access from anywhere” program has 1100 pre-loaded job descriptions that you can modify or you can start from scratch with a blank position analysis questionnaire that guides you through the ability to create a new job descriptions in minutes.  Once all of the blanks and radio buttons have been selected, you can send the draft job description to a department head or manager to review or modify through our collaboration email process.  Once the job description has been reviewed, you can print out it out in six (6) different formats.

We had a current user of DBDescriptions come by the World at Work Conference booth and she and her nine other HR users around the country are very happy and satisfied with the program and said it was a true answer to their needs.  They are all using the same database and each user can create or modify their own job descriptions for their group as well as copy an existing job description from another HR user.  DBDescriptions has the required items to meet the ADA guidelines as well as the ability to assist with the determination of whether a position should be classified exempt or non-exempt.

Go to DBDescriptions.com and sign up to complete a free job description.  If you like what you see as several others have, then you can purchase a one-year subscription for unlimited access for $295 per user.  For a one user subscription, you can pay by credit card and gain access immediately.  For two or more users where you want to have one shared database, just send us an email at Support@dbsquared.com and we will make arrangements to set you and your group up.

Go DBDescriptions Go!

World At Work

Bruce and I enjoyed visiting with all the World at Work conference attendees that came by the DBSquared booth on Monday and Tuesday.   For those who were guessing which twin is older and by how many minutes, the answer is Blair by four minutes.  We had two people guess the correct responses and the first person to answer both questions correctly was Patti Walton with the CFA Institute. Congratulations to Patti.

We had several individuals pick-up information on DBDescriptions and DBCompensation software products while visiting our booth.   We can demonstrate both programs on-line. Please email us or call us if you would like to participate in a demonstration session via a GoToMeeting portal.  Dale Oliver the “D” principal of DBSquared (Bruce and Blair = B2) will join us next year at the 2014 World at Work Conference in Dallas, TX.