Detailed and Accurate Job Descriptions are Imperative

I recently read an interesting and confirming article in the August edition of the HR Magazine.  The article was about a store manager employed by a drug and cosmetics company for about 20 years.  After a workplace injury, she underwent surgery on her knee and returned to work with some limitations and accommodations by the company.  Roughly two years later, her ability to perform the normal physical functions, walking and shelving items, being able to bend over, and climb a ladder was nonexistent.

Her doctor stated that the employee had reached the end of her maximum medical improvement.  She wanted to delegate the physical functions of the position to other employees.  The company terminated the employee due to her not being able to perform the essential functions of store manager.

She filed a federal and state lawsuit against the organization claiming disability discrimination and failure-to-accommodate her disability due to her permanent knee problems which kept her from being able to perform the essential store manager job functions.  The trail court ruled in favor of the employer indicating that the past employee hadn’t been discriminated against and the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed that finding.

This article is confirming as the Johanson Group has been developing job descriptions since 1973.  The essential duties and functions in job descriptions provide employees with the knowledge and understanding of the necessary requirements to be able to perform the jobs in a satisfactory manner.  The article’s Professional Pointer (main point) was

“Detailed and accurate job descriptions are imperative to identify the essential functions of each job and should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they accurately capture each position’s duties.”

DBSquared developed an online job description writer a couple of years ago.  Organizations can access over 1100 pre-loaded job descriptions as well as create their own.  The template has all of the necessary components to meet the ADA requirements and provides comprehensive and accurate job descriptions for each position to provide its employees.