Does Structure Really Hamper Effective Pay Decisions?

Does Structure Really Hamper Effective Pay Decisions?

It’s winter and no one will blame you if have thoughts of cruising the Caribbean.  Cruising offers an interesting analogy to pay policy structure.  All passengers will board the same cruise ship and reach the same planned destination, but no two passengers will have the exact same experience during their several days at sea.  Though the framework is the same, a cruise ship offers a flexible experience for its customers.

Flexibility with structure is good!  There is a misconception that an adopted pay policy program will limit pay decision flexibility by executives and managers.  A common refrain we hear is “I need to have the freedom to reward talent”.  But managers must understand that with freedom comes responsibility, to all stakeholders.

Executives need to exercise freedom from within a structure that ensures consistency AND equity.  Combined these characteristics promote:

  • Balance and fairness
  • Clarity and motivation
  • Greater understanding
  • Increased compliance.

Learn how to exercise freedom with responsibility.

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