Doing the Stroll

An important antecedent of rock n roll was the so called “Chitlin’ Circuit” that began during the depression.  A walk down one of these streets in the segregated section of larger towns was referred to as the ‘stroll’.  It included row upon row of boisterous joints clamoring for one’s attention and hard earned dollar with outstanding music by yet to be famous musicians (B.B. King, Little Richard, Ray Charles, James Brown etc.); not at all unlike today’s trade shows.

As we prepare to exhibit at World at Work’s Total Rewards 2012, the premier event for all things compensation, we try to remember what it’s like on the aisle so to speak as we were all technology buyers once ourselves.  We encourage all the attendees as they are ‘strolling’ down the aisle to be on the lookout for those diamonds in the rough.

While many things change, technology deployment is still driven by a keen understanding of what can deliver value quickly while acutely targeting specific business needs.   But hearing through all the noise can be difficult.  I have learned several things over the years that can be applied in varying degrees to any trade show environment.  They include:

  • Big isn’t always better – many smaller vendors have applicable or even more proficient technology
  • Integrated is different than integratable – it is better to assemble some solutions as long as you understand their capability to be easily deployed in your business environment as they provide more targeted functionality, and they often have exceptional partners they can enlist.
  • There is no exception to experience – find providers who share your discipline as they understand better your issues and how best to approach them.

One last thing; don’t be taken in by the bling of trade show giveaways.  However, if you are in need of an iPad™, stop by our booth, #233 and try your luck.  We’ll be happy to discuss your compensation needs as well.

So enjoy the walk and don’t be afraid to engage people just to get a clear understanding of any particular solution, but expect to be engaged just as thoroughly, if not more in discussing what your specific business needs are.  Otherwise, just keep strolling.