Effective Compensation Systems

Effective Compensation Systems

Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer with Ventana Research wrote a recent article titled, “Effective Compensation Systems Transform Human Capital Management” in his “Analyst Perspective” blog page.  Mark makes a case in his article for compensation management and its key role for organizations that want to engage and retain highly motivated and productive employees.

Mark states in the article, “Our experience and research in this field indicate that HR and corporate management obtain the greatest value from an approach that ties compensation to performance.”

Mark mentions that HRMS systems are evolving and the most progressive systems have greater flexibility with managing compensation options that go beyond the annual employee performance review and merit pay allocations.  For more information: marksmith.ventanaresearch.com


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DBSquared is a nationally recognized company providing simplified HR technology that empowers our customers. We improve our customers’ return on investment by reducing employee turnover through the development of equitable and competitive base pay structures established with proven data-driven processes.  DBSquared’s SAAS solutions are continuously improving by way of recommendations from its customer users. Learn more at www.DBSquared.com

HRsoft supplies innovative Cloud-based compensation planning software solutions that automate the compensation planning process and workflow for employers.   These, in turn, help businesses enhance employee engagement and retention.   Scalable and supported by award-winning client service, HRsoft enables organizations to manage their compensation planning process in a centralized, secure system.   Discover more at:   http://www.HRsoft.com.


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