How Important is Being Equitable?

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) celebrated 45 years of service in FY 2010.  They ‘celebrated’ with the highest level of monetary relief obtained by the Commission in its 45 years of service.  The total monetary relief based on 104, 999 case resolutions was $319.3 million.

As part of their growth they experienced:

  • A record-setting number of lawsuits with 99,922 private-sector cases filed in 2010, and
  • A 31% increase in case volume since 2006.

This record-setting activity was made possible by investing in:

  • Hiring of 66 new Investigators and 8 Mediators during FY 2010.
  • Allocating $2.8 million in training for its existing staff and 198 new hires that included Investigators, Attorneys, Mediators, Program Analysts, Statisticians, and Investigator Support Assistants.
  • Modernizing its information technology systems, programming and networking capabilities so it can be more effective in addressing systemic investigations that reached 465 cases in FY2010.

With visibility and press exposure intensifying through landmark cases such as the Wal-Mart vs. Dukes gender discrimination suit representing 1.2 million women pending a decision by the US Supreme Court, and with the EEOC’s efforts to increase its performance and accountability, it is imperative that employers become more diligent in their efforts to develop and maintain compensation management programs that foster equal pay for equal work.  An ounce of prevention is easily worth a pound of cure.

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(EEOC information in this blog was obtained from the US EEOC FY 2010 Performance and Accountability Report)