HR Best Practices – Position Analysis


Do you have too many position titles in your organization?  If you do, you probably have seen that titles and job descriptions were developed around the individual in the job vs. job families.  This tends to create what we call “job or position creep” and you and your group end up with more titles/job descriptions than what is necessary to maintain and keep track of.

One of the main issues or consequences of job creep is that the HR group is often the go-to group for adding and pricing new jobs to market or placing the jobs into their current compensation structure.  These job titles/job descriptions requests can get out of hand in a hurry and cause the productivity and efficiency of the HR group to decline quickly, not to mention the confusion that all of these new titles/jobs and pay ranges can present across the organization.

How do you reduce the number of position titles/descriptions within your organization?  We use our copyrighted PAQ (Position Analysis Questionnaire) and 15-factor job rating system to determine where positions can be consolidated across the various departments and divisions, ensuring the most efficient number of titles/job descriptions to work with and still provide career ladders within/across the organization.


This also reduces the number of positions requiring you to seek outside salary data.  We recently eliminated over 120 job titles for one of our clients, bringing them down from 400 down to 280 job titles/descriptions representing over 8,000 employees.  One of their large outside benefits consultants mentioned that this level of efficiency around job titles/descriptions was the best that they had seen for a large corporation.

We can help you with your “job or position creep” and provide you with a proven and validated job evaluation and compensation management methodology delivered in a no-nonsense affordable manner as software as a service (SaaS).  Email or call us today for a demo.