Invest in Compliance

As noted in some previous posts, the burden for proof of compliance with various federal and state labor laws is getting tougher, and enforcement is getting more thorough.

“Compliance shouldn’t be a cost should it”, you ask? 

Well the short answer is, “It is.”  As a business, your focus should be on making it an investment.

An investment would help your organization make better decisions saving money and adding to the top line.  An investment would help you adapt quickly to changing conditions.  An investment would help lower your cost structure.

Would you consider investing less than $11/yr/employee just to mitigate your firm’s potential compliance exposure?  Ensured compliance is largely the result of a documented and applied compensation philosophy or pay policy.

Would you consider that same investment if it also increased your retention of key employees, improved productivity and communication of and between HR and Finance, and protect an important asset associated with your overall growth rate?

I’m pretty sure you would.  There is no ‘secret sauce’ here, just proven and validated compensation management methodology delivered in a no-nonsense affordable manner as software as a service (SaaS).