Job Valuing is Regaining Velocity

A recent W@W Workspan published article (September, 2015) titled, “JOB EVALUATION – Relevant, Robust and Reimagined” was written by Hay Group executives Phil Johnson, Tom McMullen and Mark Royal. The article began with an historical perspective of job valuing being a popular job measurement tool from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. The authors noted that since the recent economic downturn and slow recovery period, job valuing has regained momentum as a valuable management process in determining relative internal job worth as it relates to its contribution and impact on company goals and outcomes. Johnson, McMullen and Royal made the following insightful statement in their job valuing article, “Many organizations woke up to the fact that a process that analyzes the work that needs to be done can provide much more than the way to link to market and determine appropriate pay levels.”

DBSquared’s DBCompensation software has a proven proprietary job valuing system with a 1985 origin. With this efficient and easy to use HR technology, job descriptions and job valuing are simultaneously developed and displayed in a job evaluation chart. The job valuing chart offers a high-level job fine-tuning and valuing feature and a link to automatically align final job descriptions with final job values. DBSquared’s compensation professionals support the philosophy of validating internal job valuing and proposed pay structures with external market pay comparisons. The combination of internal job valuing and external market pay analysis produces a more precise and comprehensive pay structure where all jobs have a value on the company’s internal pay line and pay structure.

Recently, we had a VP of HR and Administrative Services of an electric utility company make a comment about the professional integration of internal and external job valuing processes in the DBCompensation software. He was pleased with the recent job classification and compensation study and how the software simplified the process without losing creditability, validity and transparency.