This Job Evaluation Process is a Pain but I Love It!

We recently had a GoToMeeting session with one of our West Coast clients about their job evaluation and compensation database in the DBCompensation software. The VP of Human Resources and the SVP of Operations were present for the online video and audio conference. The SVP of Operations has responsibility for 80% of the job titles for this organization and he wanted to increase his understanding of the job valuing (point-factor) system, employee information upload file and the market pay study comparisons. He mentioned to the VP of HR that he wanted to become the organization’s champion for the job valuation and salary administration system. The VP of HR mentioned to me prior to the conference call that he was pleased to have this high level executive backing the job valuing process.

During the online session after reviewing some new features on the DBCompensation software, the SVP of Operations stated, “This job evaluation process is a pain but I love it.” He then stated reasons why he believed in the process and why his organization should continue utilizing the job valuing and market pay analysis system. I would like to paraphrase some of his supportive comments as noted below.

  • The job valuing process creates consistency and helps us to differentiate our positions.
  • The automated position analysis questionnaire is efficient and yet comprehensive.
  • The PAQ collaboration feature helps me with seeking input from managers and employees.
  • We will be able to better maintain our job descriptions and job values with this system.
  • I like to show our employees the job valuing process so we can be more transparent.
  • I’m able to address employee pay perceptions and maximize employee engagement.
  • The market pay comparisons from multiple sources foster greater pay creditability analysis.
  • This system takes time but it produces a fair and equitable pay structure for our organization.
  • I have greater assurance with making organization and employee pay decisions now.

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world economy, it is good to hear that foundational job valuing and internal/external compensation analysis in an automated format is still proving its worth to line and support executives.