Welcome to our Job Description World!

Just this past week, we had an individual who was researching job description software to develop a few job descriptions for his organization. The HR professional told us that he had found two options before locating our automated job description writer. The first option/organization would have had him spend several thousand dollars at a minimum for a HRIS system that included an automated job description writer. The organization’s only option for meeting this need was the software platform system.  The individual’s business was of a size that it was not realistic or prudent to spend $14,000 for the software. The second option was an online job description software writer for $14 dollar per job description. However, the HR person indicated that the output format was clunky and they would have spent more than $14 in labor just to modify the job description into a useable format.

Our caller mentioned to us that the best and third researched option was our DBDescriptions product due to the reasonable $295 per user annual subscription, the comprehensive job description format, the ease of software use and functionality, and the user-friendly and professional looking outputs in several formats inclusive of MSWord and Adobe PDF.

Our HR professional was excited to find a job description writer for an inexpensive investment, especially one that is not labor intensive. We welcomed this individual to our Job Description World!