What Is DBConsulting?

At DBSquared we like to remind clients that our solutions are designed specifically for you, by HR professionals for HR professionals.  At this time of the year when every tax consultant I run into can only lament the loss of their personal time between now and April 15th, I am reminded that we also can say that our flagship solution, DBCompensation™ was designed by consultants for consultants.

A little bit of history is probably worthwhile.  The original methodology was developed by our founder in the mid 80s to help him be a better compensation consultant to public and private clients.  His sons enhanced and improved the methodology to help them address new developments in job classifications and compliance.  The computer application was originally designed to enable their consultancy to be more efficient.  We only decided to commercialize it when our clients began clamoring for it.

We are reminded of why we became consultants.  We were attracted by:

  • The opportunity to bring a continually improving, process-driven approach to your craft
  • The desire to bring best practices from one client to another, while leveraging your industry depth or functional expertise
  • The freedom to “do the right thing by the client”, secure in the knowledge that “the rest will follow”, when you make solving the client’s problem your priority?

Look at almost any consultancy discipline and you will find an explosion of tools, some commercial and some home grown.  At DBSquared we have been fortunate to have our clients see the value in our tools.  As consultants we still have the opportunity to improve our expertise and ability to help clients.  We didn’t cede that advantage or opportunity.  In fact we would argue that the increase in accuracy, reliability and risk mitigation is alone worth our investment of time and expertise.  Our consulting business has increased even as we sell our solution to clients.

We would encourage any compensation consultant to explore making our solution part of their own tool chest.  It won’t mean you will have less opportunity.  But it could mean the difference between offering your clients the most effective service in the most efficient manner, and having a little time left over for yourself.



DBConsultation is available to assist you in the development of your Total Rewards Philosophy and the various base, bonus, short-term and long-term incentive plans and benefit programs. The total package should motivate employees to perform at levels that provide your organization with a competitive advantage over other organizations as you seek to fulfill the strategic plan. Contact us today for your successful tomorrow.