What is the specific job your customers are hiring you to do?

We have the opportunity from time to time to facilitate an awesome program developed by the FranklinCovey Company called Leadership Foundations. In the participant guide, there is a question that is presented to assist the participant to focus on the purpose of their products or services they provide to their customer. The question is the title of this month’s newsletter.

Our company, Consulting, Inc. (now Johanson Group), was established in 1973 with this type of foundational question in mind and we have continued to truly seek to understand what our clients’/ customers’ needs are. One of the main services we have provided since the beginning of the company is compensation management consulting. Over the years, we noticed how difficult it was for our customers, and for us to meet the customer’s need, to create comprehensive ADA compliant job descriptions, to create a job evaluation method that focused on the specific job and to create a simple and fast approach that analyzed outside market data. With the integration of the former three items and the customer’s employee data added in, the customer wanted an automated compensation management program that was easy to understand and transparent for all stakeholders and would allow our customers to meet their purpose of being “Internally Equitable and Externally Competitive.”

In 2001, Blair Johanson, President of Johanson Group, contacted Dale Oliver, owner of Applied Computer Technologies, Inc. and long-time friend, to start the development of an automated system that the customer desired to have and work with. From 2001 to 2005, Dale, Blair, and twin brother Bruce Johanson, Principal Partner, vetted the program as it was being used and developed internally with our customers and then released it to our customers in the summer of 2005. A new company was given birth called DBSquared (Dale, Blair/Bruce) and DBCompensation became the first HR software product that our customers hired us to create for them. Our first two clients, J.B. Hunt and Stephens, Inc, became our beta testers and they both continue to use and offer suggestions for the compensation management system. DBCompensation has been updated on an annual basis for seven years with the next release coming out in a few months. The changes in the software are customer-driven, thus staying close to answering the title question above. Almost three years ago, DBSquared created a new online automated job description writer named DBDescriptions for our customers who wanted to be able to create comprehensive ABA compliant job descriptions quickly.

DBSquared is closing in on 100 clients for our HR software programs and we want to thank all of our current customers for partnering with us and the trust they have given us to meet their HR software needs. We will continue to ask the question, “What is the specific job your customers are hiring you to do?”