Arkansas Municipal League Endorsed HR Software Now Available!

Arkansas Municipal League Endorsed HR Software Now Available!

Creating job descriptions can be a tedious, time-consuming task. For a smaller municipality that does not have an employee that handles human resources exclusively, job descriptions are probably not a top priority because no one has the time to create them. However, every municipality still needs them. With the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), it is now a bigger priority than ever before. With the support from the Arkansas Municipal League and Endorsed Vendors, the Johanson Group and DBSquared®, this can now be a simple task for your municipality to complete.

The Johanson Group and DBSquared released DBDescriptions® in September. The product allows organizations to create and maintain comprehensive and ADA-compliant job descriptions easily through an automated system. Any municipality with fifteen or more employees needs a way to create accurate, thorough and current documentation to provide evidence that certain aspects of their jobs are required. In addition, a job description should be written so that it does not discriminate against a disabled employee or potential employee. With DBDescriptions, that is now a simple process even for municipalities that have not had the time to create job descriptions in the past.

Blair Johanson, Principal Partner of DBSquared, said it best when describing the application: "With DBDescriptions' easy-to-use electronic features, job description development projects will be moved from the back burner to the front burner."

This web-based product allows any organization to develop job descriptions electronically with a combination of open text boxes that involve minimal data entry and point-and-click selections. The point-and-click selections cover a broad range of your core requirements for each position including education and experience, work skills, internal and external communication within the organization, use of machines, equipment and/or computers and physical and work environment requirements. This application also offers the ability to e-mail a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) to an employee or department head, and when completed, a comprehensive and compliant job description is created and available for single and/or multi-level review. The job descriptions include all of the necessary ADA information such as mental demands, physical demands and working conditions for each position. The new product will also serve as a job description repository for organizations and can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week via the DBDescriptions web-site.

The program is pre-populated with over 1,100 job descriptions, many of which were created specifically for municipalities and have been collected by the Johanson Group over the last eight years. The DBDescriptions master library contains 273 job titles designed specifically for municipal government to ease the workload of our Arkansas municipalities. Animal welfare officer, building inspector, city clerk and parks superintendent are just a few descriptions that are ready and available for you. In addition, you also have standard job descriptions pre-populated within the system that can be utilized across industries such as an accounting clerk, bookkeeping positions, administrative assistant, etc.

DBSquared Senior Software Engineer and project lead for DBDescriptions Chris Devine says, "This web-based application allows you to create and modify job descriptions quickly and easily. Created with state-of the-art tools, DBDescriptions even offers a way to collaborate with others on the creation, revision and fine-tuning of job descriptions."

Multiple packages of job descriptions of various sizes and prices are available to fit any organization's needs. The premium membership for DBDescriptions will be offered at $495 annually, which provides organizations unlimited use for an unlimited number of job descriptions. If you would like to test the product to see how user-friendly it is, you can log on to the Web site and purchase our trial version, which is one job description for $9.95. If you decide to purchase the premium membership after the trial version, the cost of the trial version will be credited back towards the premium subscription so that we can offer each organization the best price possible for our job description creator. To find out more about DBDescriptions, please visit the Web site at or call (479) 587-0151.

In addition to the release of DBDescriptions, DBSquared has revamped their image and has a new Web site. The new Web site provides plenty of great information to educate organizations about their solutions. There is also much more to come as DBSquared will continue to add helpful, relevant information, as well as new products and services, to their site. Please visit their Web site at www.dbsquared.comto learn more.

DBSquared is a world-class provider of software products and services based in Fayetteville, AR. Dedicated to simplifying HR processes through the utilization of technology, Johanson Group Consulting and Applied Computer Technology merged their efforts in 2001, and founded the company in 2005. The Principal Partners of DBSquared have over 60 years of combined experience within the realm of Human Resources, which is the foundation for every product launched by this organization. The efficiencies of their products have impacted hundreds of organizations across 25 states in the U.S., including several of our own member municipalities.