Customer Case Study - The City of Springdale

Customer Case Study - The City of Springdale

Customer Case Study - First Federal Bank

Customer Profile

Springdale, Arkansas has experienced significant population growth during the past ten years. Since 2000, the City's population has grown in excess of 45%. The City's services and employee staffing levels have been impacted by this growth.

Business Situation

In 2006, the City of Springdale, Arkansas had a limited number of formal job descriptions and was looking for an objective compensation framework that would value jobs across the organization and seamlessly integrate compensation values for positions within all the city departments.


The Johanson Group, using the DBCompensation system, developed 176 electronic job descriptions and simplified the pay structure for the entire City into a single program with one pay line for all departmental positions. The pay line is being used as the basis for comparing uniformed and non-uniformed positions.


  • Improved employee retention and morale
  • Assurance of competitive pay rates
  • Proven methodology and compensation program
  • Consistent and defensible compensation system

Customer Challenge and Solution

With over 176 different job titles spread across several departments, The City of Springdale, Arkansas needed an employee compensation framework that would improve the fairness of its compensation program while allowing them to recruit and retain great employees.

The Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program (DBCompensation) was chosen to put a consistent compensation management system into place and solve a number of other employee-related challenges. This software gave Springdale a solid foundation for planned growth along with a talented, motivated staff which will drive their productivity for an overall increase in operational efficiency.

More than fifteen municipalities have all ready received benefits from the DBCompensation program. Join in with Hot Springs, Fort Smith, Springdale and many more today!

"The DBCompensation system increased employee morale and created a favorable compensation structure for the City's 176 job titles."

Jerre Van Hoose, Mayor
City of Springdale

"We found DBCompensation to be an excellent tool for assessing internal and external compensation comparisons. We were extremely impressed with the Johanson Group's responsiveness, quality, and professionalism. I would highly recommend DBCompensation to anyone."

David Tritt, Director of Human Resources
City of Springdale

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