Overtime Rule To Be Released Soon

Overtime Rule To Be Released Soon

April 2016

Late last month, the final overtime rule was passed on to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for its financial impact review of the proposed final rule. This review could be completed in just a few weeks as there is quite a bit of pressure from the White House Administration to see this rule enacted before President Obama leaves office.

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DBSquared News and Notes

DBSquared plans on launching our reworked website by early May 2016.
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DBCompensation 10.0 is on the horizon, It will enter Beta testing soon and
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Job Descriptions On Demand

DBDescriptions is taking away the angst of developing ADA compliant job descriptions which are a critical management tool for organizations and companies.

DBDescriptions will help you develop comprehensive, ADA-compliant job descriptions anywhere you have access to a web browser.

The annual fee for unlimited use of the DBDescriptions electronic job description writer is $295 per user. Discounts are available for organizations with 10 or more users.

Please watch the tutorial and complete a Job Descrtiption at DBDescriptions for free. Then if you have any questions, please contact Blair or Bruce Johanson for answers.

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