August 2015


This is the theme for the actual 2015 budgeted salary increases and projected 2016 budgeted salary increases based on the recently released WorldatWork 42nd annual Salary Budget Survey. The steady salary increase average of 3.0% is supported by the WorldatWork annual survey as well as several of the large national compensation surveys completed by the large compensation consulting firms and employee pay aggregators. Based on the WorldatWork survey, most salary increases will range between 2% and 4%. Though the economy is improving, employers are still hesitant to raise base compensation above pre-recession salary budgeted average increases ranging from 3.5% to 4.5%. With unemployment dropping below 6% and with the increase of "HELP WANTED" signs appearing on local businesses in ANYTOWN, USA, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the 3% steady as she goes to become a fleeting notion.


Bruce Johanson, one of the principals for DBSquared was invited to conduct a webinar on the HRsoft™ Talent Takeaways Series. Bruce presented a one-hour webinar on Compensation Program Compliance "Integrating Internal Equity with External Competitiveness using proven compensation job valuing, market pay studies and regression line analysis". For a copy of the PPT slides please contact Brian Sharp. DBSquared and HRsoft are strategic partners in the Compensation and HR software technology sector.

Brian Sharp with HRsoft™ | Chief Marketing Officer | Email: | Web: HRsoft™ - High Impact Talent Management™ Software | Click here to join HRsoft's LinkedIn group: Talent Takeaways


A recent article in the latest HR Decision - BLR publication written by Stephen D. Bruce, PhD. PHR offers some success processes for Performance Appraisals.

  1. Set meaningful goals
  2. Manage goals during evaluation period
  3. Discuss performance during evaluation period
  4. Be honest
  5. Specific and meaningful statements
  6. Significant and sustained improvement required
  7. Take the performance appraisal process seriously
  8. Consistency across departments and organization
  9. No gaming the system - inaccurate ratings
  10. Document carefully


We're in the process of completing 155 job descriptions and internal job ratings with a new utility provider client within a period of 20 business days. With 11 business days for completion and/or review of electronic Position Analysis Questionnaires by employees and/or supervisors through an efficient email collaboration feature and approximately 6 days of pre-work (transferring current job descriptions into the PAQ database), the DBCompensation software will produce comprehensive, consistent and compliant job descriptions and job ratings for 155 job titles just short of 20 working days. The utility provider Human Resources Director is excited about this effort since she has been trying to move their job descriptions and job valuing project from the back burner of HR projects during the past two years.

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