Count Your (Job Descriptions and Compensation) Blessings!

Count Your (Job Descriptions and Compensation) Blessings!

December 2014
Count Your (Job Descriptions and Compensation) Blessings!

As we come to the end of 2014, we want to thank all of our current DBDescriptions and DBCompensation clients. Thousands of ADA compliant job descriptions have been quickly generated by the DBDescriptions software subscribers. These job descriptions are being used for recruitment, interviews, orientation, performance evaluations and job posts. Our clients have told us that they truly enjoy creating job descriptions in minutes and appreciate the inexpensive annual subscription fee that is offered by DBSquared.

The comprehensive DBCompensation has given our clients job descriptions, job point ratings, the ability to import employee data quickly and accurately, and the ability to input up to 12 outside market pay resources. All of these items are integrated to determine if our clients? base salary programs are internally equitable and externally competitive. DBCompensation is currently being used by organizations as small as 50 employees to as large as 8,000 employees and it can handle organizations with even larger employee numbers. Our clients are utilizing the various compensation reports (like having a virtual compensation expert on staff) to meet our clients? compensation management goals as well as follow various regulatory laws.

We wish all of our clients the best 2015! We are here to assist you with your HR/Compensation software and consulting needs. Please help us to expand our footprint by telling others about DBDescriptions, DBCompensation and DBConsultation.

Happy Holidays from the DBSquared Team!!!

End of Year Specials!

For our Newsletter readers, we are offering $50 off all DBDescriptions subscriptions and
$1,000 off the DBCompensation one-time licensing fee for the month of December.

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