Doing The Same Job? Get The Same Pay!

Doing The Same Job? Get The Same Pay!
February 2017

Doing The Same Job? Get The Same Pay!

As our company was doing some research on comparable worth, we found that several states have enacted laws on comparable worth/equitable pay. Outside of normal factors around work experience, seniority and performance, employee pay should be equal if an employee is doing the same or similar work as their cohorts.

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HR Guide to Equitable Compensation book Stay Current and Competitive With Your Job Classification and Compensation Plans

This ebook is your guide to building and refining your Classification and Compensation programs. Learn the What, Where, and Why for building your plans and keeping your company aligned with the talent market.
  • Stay up-to-date with new and changing regulations
  • Support and inform your organization's growth plans
  • Provide managers and C-level teams reporting for effective decision making
  • Plan schedules for FLSA and EEO-4 reviews and other key deliverables
...and much, much more.

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Free DBCompensation Demo

Contact us to schedule an online demo that will allow you to see the DBCompensation application. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and to tell you more about our Total Solution.

Please contact Blair or Bruce Johanson to schedule an online demo for you and your team.

Cloud based Job Description Writer

DBDescriptions is taking away the angst of developing ADA compliant job descriptions which are a critical management tool for organizations and companies.

DBDescriptions will help you develop comprehensive, ADA-compliant job descriptions anywhere you have access to a web browser.

The annual fee for unlimited use of the DBDescriptions electronic job description writer is $295 per user. Discounts are available for organizations with 10 or more users.

Please watch the tutorial and complete a Job Desctiption at DBDescriptions for free. Then if you have any questions, please contact Blair or Bruce Johanson for answers.

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