Welcome to our Job Description World!

Welcome to our Job Description World!

May 2014
Welcome to our Job Description World!
DBCompensation and DBDescriptions Demo Sessions

New features in the DBCompensation 8.0 software are saving time for our compensation management client users.
Learn how it can save you time as well.

We will be giving demonstrations of the DBCompensation Software at the WorldatWork Conference in the DFW area on May 19th and 20th.

The job description/position analysis questionnaire collaboration feature continues to be a “HIT” for the DBDescriptions software subscribers.
Complete a trial job description online by going to www.DBDescriptions.com.
We would like to offer an online demo session for anyone interested in any of our products.

If you are interested, please email Blair or Bruce to arrange a demo.

For more info please go to the DBSquared web site or email for more information.

Conference Plans

The Principals of DBSquared will demonstrate the DBCompensation software at the WorldatWork conference in Dallas later this month.  We’re excited about this opportunity and we look forward to sharing an ROI summary for our compensation management software that has valued well over 7,000 job titles and provided compensation structure and employee pay analysis for more than 100,000 employees.
Come by our WorldatWork vendor booth and sign-up for our software demonstration session.
WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition 2014 May 19-21, 2014 Dallas, TX Booth 202.

For more info please go to the DBSquared web site or email for more information.

Welcome to our Job Description World!

Just this past week, we had an individual who was researching job description software to develop a few job descriptions for his organization. The HR professional told us that he had found two options before locating our automated job description writer. The first option/organization would have had him spend several thousand dollars at a minimum for a HRIS system that included an automated job description writer. The organization's only option for meeting this need was the software platform system. The individual's business was of a size that it was not realistic or prudent to spend $14,000 for the software. The second option was an online job description software writer for $14 dollar per job description. However, the HR person indicated that the output format was clunky and they would have spent more than $14 in labor just to modify the job description into a useable format.

Our caller mentioned to us that the best and third researched option was our DBDescriptions product due to the reasonable $295 per user annual subscription, the comprehensive job description format, the ease of software use and functionality, and the user-friendly and professional looking outputs in several formats inclusive of MSWord and Adobe PDF.

Our HR professional was excited to find a job description writer for an inexpensive investment, especially one that is not labor intensive. We welcomed this individual to our Job Description World!


Bruce Johanson will be presenting at the Oklahoma HR Association State Conference in Tulsa, Thursday, May 8 from 10am to 11:15am. The conference and presentation will be in the Downtown Tulsa Convention Center in the Brookside Room. The topic of the presentation is:

Surge Protecting Your Job Classification and Compensation Program

Learning Objectives:

1. Great organizations are built on a solid foundation of vision, mission, values and goals. A great compensation program starts with a Compensation/Benefit Philosophy Statement. You will learn how to develop a statement for your leadership team/Board to approve and use.

2. Comprehensive and defensible ADA compliant job descriptions are critical for properly classifying the organization?s positions. You will learn what should be included in a job description, how to determine whether a position is non-exempt or exempt, and inexpensive resources to assist with the completion of your job descriptions.

3. It is a proven fact that employees tend to stay longer with organizations when a fair and competitive compensation program exists and is being followed. You will learn how to build and maintain a base salary compensation program. If time permits, you will also learn how to create an effective incentive compensation plan.

For more info please email Bruce.

National Salary Adjustments Various Annual Studies

Survey StudiesProposed Adjustments for 2014
WorldatWork Study
Mercer Study
Hay Study
Aon Hewitt Study
Towers Watson Study
Culpepper Study
ERC Study

For more info please email Blair.

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