Backing-up Before Going Forward

Backing-up Before Going Forward

November 2014
Backing-up Before Going Forward

This week we demonstrated the DBCompensation (job evaluation and salary administration program) software with compensation and human resources professionals associated with a large university system. This well-known university system has utilized a large number of market pay studies for the past ten years to evaluate external pay means and medians with over 400 university benchmark positions. They moved toward external market pay studies exclusively with the advice of compensation consultants associated with a large national firm. This movement from internal job evaluation to market pay comparisons for internal and external pay analysis has been well-documented through WorldatWork articles, case studies during the past two decades and accepted by a majority of human resources and compensation professionals across the country.

The lead compensation professional with the University system stated that though the University’s compensation system analysis was very dependent on the external market pay studies, he wished that he could utilize an automated job valuing system to help place unique and hybrid positions (non-benchmark) along an internal pay line and established compensation structure. He made a comment about “going back” to job evaluation so the University compensation system could “go forward” with more meaningful internal job analysis to support external market pay data points.

During the software demonstration, I stated that the combination of an automated internal job valuing and external market pay comparison system provides the best of both processes to build and maintain an equitable and competitive compensation program. I mentioned that they may want to work with one of the national market pay data aggregator firms like IBM?s Kenexa CompAnalyst and our very competitively priced DBCompensation software to meet their compensation management system needs and leave behind the current use of extensive Excel spreadsheet analysis for automated job evaluation and market pay analysis.

Today, a growing number of new vehicles offer a front dash monitor that allows the driver to visually look forward while their car is moving in a reverse direction. With time and greater confidence, the driver does not have to physically look backwards over their shoulder to direct the vehicle. With software technology, compensation professionals are able to look forward with market pay studies analysis and integrated job valuing systems without physically returning to the labor-intensive and dated job rating days.

How Big Is Your Firm?

We are asked about the size of Johanson Group and DBSquared on a weekly basis as we visit with potential consulting and software clients around the country.

Most of the inquiring parties are surprised when we tell them that we have six employees between the two companies. During the quickly passing ten months of 2014, we have worked on over 100 client projects inclusive of 28 job classification and compensation study projects and with numerous DBDescriptions and DBCompensation software account users and clients.

This volume of work with a small but very effective team would not be possible without the software technology developed by DBSquared. The job description and job evaluation and compensation software that we developed to be more productive and efficient as compensation consultants is now accessible to our clients and subscribers who desire the same level of production for their respective compensation programs. This is a case where small becomes big with a software technology equalizer.

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