Work Life Balance and Pay

Work Life Balance and Pay

balance in workplace, employee evaluations, internal equity, pay decisions September, 2010
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Work Life Balance and Pay
Interview with Pat Shiu
The White House Middle Class Task Force announced several department initiatives designed to end wage discrimination while improving pay equity and work/life balance. The workplace flexibility program is an attempt to assist workers to compete with the competing demands of work life and family. It is a project that the Department of Labor is very supportive of. Pat Shiu is definitely behind all of these initiatives while heading the OFCCP.

In her interview, she mentioned that pay discrimination is also a big part of this initiative. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) agency is designed to level the playing field for all American workers who work for Federal Contractors, which is 22% of the American workforce. A key component of work/life balance is focusing on pay discrimination. She mentioned that compensation is a very tricky issue, and that it is a persistent problem among all industries.

To hear the interview or to learn more about the story, please follow the link: Pat Shiu's Interview
Wal-Mart Class Action
Wal-Mart Asks Supreme Court to Review Gender Bias Class Action
Wal-Mart stores urged the U.S. Supreme Court to review a federal appeals court ruling that would be the largest class action lawsuit in history. Wal-Mart argues that 'the class action is larger than the active-duty personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard combined-making it the largest employment class action in history by several orders of magnitude." If Wal-Mart is found guilty of the class action, it would encompass more than 1 million former and current femali Wal-Mart employees representing payouts of billions of dollars.

Wal-Mart itself issued a press release emphasizing that the merits of the case have not yet been decided, and defending the company's workplace record. "It is important to remember that the Ninth Circuit's opinion dealt only with class certification, not with the merits of the lawsuit," according to the statement. "Walmart is an excellent place for women to work and has been recognized as a leader in fostering the advancement and success of women in the workplace."

You can learn more by following the article written by Tony Mauro, "Wal-Mart appeals sex discrimination class-action to high court."

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Interview with Pat Shiu
Wal-Mart Class Action
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