Release of DBCompensation 8.0

Release of DBCompensation 8.0

Release of DBCompensation 8.0

Release of DBCompensation 8.0

Announcing the release of DBCompensation 8.0

We're excited about the releasing the DBCompensation 8.0 upgrade. Several of the new software features were suggested by our client users and we believe they will save you time and make the DBCompensation software more productive.

We will convert your DBCompensation 7.0 hosted software to the 8.0 software in January and we will offer several GoToMeeting training sessions so you are able to see and work with the new features. We will be able to make this conversion on the hosted software online without your involvement.

A list of the more significant DBCompensation 8.0 software upgrade features are noted below.

New Features:

·         Ability to merge two or more studies (divisions, departments, companies) into one study

·         Duplication of an existing PAQ/Job description to develop a new like-type job description

·         Duplication of an existing PAQ/Job description and placing it in a current or different study

·         Recommended PAQ and job rating wording revisions made by DBCompensation clients

·         Exporting of tables to Excel - Improved data formatting and placement in Excel spreadsheet

·         Updating of Study's Name, Date, or Password. Able to revise study password

·         Displaying foreign currencies, percentages and dates with MS Windows regional settings option

·         Ability to delete all employee information on the "maintain employee information" screen

We appreciate your continue use and support of the DBCompensation software and we look forward to releasing additional software upgrades based on your recommendations for improvement and greater functional applications. The DBCompensation software has 160 client users and we believe that 2014 will be an exciting year for the DBSquared HR software products.

In a few weeks, we will provide a schedule of one-hour internet hosted training sessions so you will be able to select a date and time convenient with your schedule.

Thank you and best wishes for a prosperous 2014.