Who’s your Competition? The #1 Question at WorldatWork 2014

The principals of DBSquared worked the exhibitor booth at the 2014 WorldatWork Conference in Grapevine, Texas. The conference was one of the most well attended W@W conferences in the past several years. Counting attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, the conference attracted over 1,300 participants from the United States and numerous international countries.

This WorldatWork link offers some insight on the conference news, events, and other happenings.

We demonstrated and discussed our DBCompensation and DBDescriptions software products in booth #205 during the conference. The HR and Compensation professionals seem to be more aware of our two variable (employee pay and job value) pay line scatter graph process and image that the DBCompensation system produces. We showed the booth visitors how our integrated DBCompensation software is useful with pay policy structure development, pay equity analysis, market pay comparisons and compensation management planning while providing a return on investment for this important human resources function.

This is the link to our presentation slides on the DBCompensation software ROI

After showing the DBCompensation features and discussing some of the benefits, we were asked, “Who’s your competition?” If the DBCompensation software were divided into four sections,

1) Automated job description writer

2) Job valuing 15 factors and weighted levels/points

3) Market pay comparisons and analysis

4) Internal pay structure development, pay equity analysis and compensation management planning

DBSquared would have several competitors for each of the four sections. For the job description writer, DBDescriptions and DBCompensation would compete with DescriptionsNow, HRTMS, BLR, Ultimate Software and Halogen Software. For the job valuing feature, DBCompensation software competes with Hay, KnowledgePay, ERI and numerous compensation consultants using various forms of point-factor job analysis.

With market pay comparisons and analysis, the DBCompensation software offers a worksheet repository for capturing and providing internal and external pay line analysis from data sources that the software user obtains from published pay studies or data obtained from employee pay aggregators such as IBM Kenexa CompAnalyst, Compdata, Aon Hewitt, Towers Watson, Culpepper, Job Search Intelligence and other national and regional studies.

After sharing this information with the inquiring HR and Compensation Professionals, we told the booth visitors that DBSquared and DBCompensation do not have any competitors when offering an integrated compensation management software program with all four sections and a system that uploads data from the client’s HRIS or payroll platform system.

Sometimes it is great to not have any competition but it means that we have to provide more education and awareness for our unique and very productive compensation management program. One of my son’s favorite sayings is “Who’s Your Daddy?” which implies many questions of history and values. We hope that when we answer the question of “Who’s Your Competition?” we can offer an answer built on years of compensation management consulting and software development that brings value to our client users.